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Anne Peymirat, author, parent coach & experienced speaker


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Parental Coaching for parents and corporates

Anne Peymirat is a professional coach certified on the Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting approach developed by behaviour and learning specialist Noel Janis Norton. She works with individual parents as well as with corporations. 

Being a parent is a challenging task. The Calmer Parenting approach gives parents efficient and easy to implement techniques that will help diffuse tensions at home. 

For working parents, the key is also to find the right balance between their career and their family life. Calmer Parenting gives techniques that are suitable for working parents.

Each of you is in a different situation. Take a chance to discuss with our experts to find out the best solution for you.  

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Tired of repeating, reminding, nagging your children ? You wish you had more cooperative, self-reliant and confident children ?

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What parents say

"the kids are much more happy and easy going : the coaching opened our eyes on how t deal with their sensibility "

- Grégory, consultant and father of 6 y.o. twins

"It helped me become much more confident with my daughter and how I raise her as a single mother"

- Magali, teacher and mother of a 5 year old girl

"I really appreciated to have  Anne listing to me without judgment. It really helped me"

- Hélène, self-employed and mother of 2 teens

"My wife insisted that I go with her and from the first session, I realised that the advice we received form Anne helped us create a much better atmosphere at home, THANKS"

- Stéphane, CEO and father of 4 children aged 17 to 8 y.o.

Enjoy a calmer and happier family life with Calmer Parenting