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Parents @ work

Workshops, conferences and coaching for happy & committed working parents !

Why should you care for parents in your workforce ?

Working parents struggle to find the right balance between their personal and professional life. £Actions in favour of working parents within your company will significantly improve :


New parents juggle when they have their children. Helping them at key moments such as return from maternity / paternity leave, homework or with their teen will help them be more focused at work and more relaxed at home.   

Individual and team efficiency 

Concertation and trust is key in a team to work efficiently. When working parents and their managers communicate effectively about hteir organisation and team objectives they can find solutions to cater for specific organisations. 

Attraction and retention of talents  

Companies with a clear parenting policy is more attractive for potentiel recrutes. They also retain their talents for longer as they are provide a better work/life balance.

Our offer for corporates


We help you find the right actions for your company and have a positive and tangible impact on your workforce.

Workshops & Conferences

We offer on site and online events on a wide range of topics.


Example : CIB BNP Paribas Webinar - July 2020

Parenting Week 2020

How to keep a flexible organisation in a VUCA world 

  • VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous
  • Working parents need to adapt on both work and family sides
  • Specific keys will help them remain efficient at work and happy at home

Feedback from the field

“The coaching has been really beneficial !

I appreciated Anne's independence and her understanding of work-life balance.

I feel now more confident."

Georgina, audit consultant 5UK&Ireland) and mother of two young children

Our clients

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